The Choir's Logo

The Community Choir's logo, designed by Julian Mancini, ND ’19, uses visual imagery related to both the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the South Bend Community. The arch is an element found throughout the neo-Gothic architecture of the Basilica and represents the open door of the Church which proclaims that all are welcome to enter. Just as the many bricks of an arch work together to become a stronger unit that holds up a structure,  the members of the Community Choir come together to become a sum greater than its individual parts. The six-pointed star is taken both from the Basilica's ceiling and the South Bend flag. The arch and the star are symbols that have both sacred and secular meanings, artistically symbolizing the choir’s goal to both foster faith and welcome all people of the community into the group.

Cropped Logo

The inspiration for the artist's design can be seen here: